Medical Card: Standalone or Rider?

Based on the medical card providing in Malaysia, it is quit hard to define this both structure of medical plan you should take. Let’s look through first on both type of the medical card definition.


    Standalone Medical Card

Standalone Medical Card is medical plan that provide purely only hospital and surgical benefits, working individually, without adding any other protection or benefit in. 


          Rider-based Medical Card

Rider-based medical card is medical plan that work as attachment towards investment-linked policy, working together as a whole plan towards comprehensive protection. It is provides hospital and surgical benefit as well, and working together with other riders such as Life Protection & Total Permanent Disability, Accident Rider, Critical Illnesses Rider, Hospital Income Rider, Premium Waiver Rider and etc.

Comparison of Medical Card : Standalone VS Rider 


Back to the question, how we going to define which is the best medical plan for us? It is the best based on your current financial ability and your need. If you wish to have a comprehensive insurance plan, investment-linked is best option for you. On the opposite, for those that having budget concern, it will be great for you to take standalone medical plan.

It is the best to find the best medical card consultant. You may get our consultation on your desire medical plan. Just leave us your contact and we shall contact you ASAP.

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