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The Best Career Academy ever, Greatest Bonus in the Town!

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Fantastic Payout 5 figure income in 1 month!

You will enjoy from 1st case, together with your monthly bonus payout, total of RM 9,000 + Commission + Bonus + Contest Rewards and more! You just need to capture 4 cases a month to get this fantastic and rewarding career! You may join EPL (Elite Premier Leader) program to become Unit Manager in 3 years! Get another RM 5,000 with just 3 new active Elite recruits!

he Best Career Academy ever…
with Greatest Bonus in the Town!  Total

Opportunity to Grow to Manager with Elite Premier Leader (EPL)!

We provide the best training platform, giving you 1 to 1 personal couching, 24 hours 7 days a week of skills & product support! Giving you the best to promote from Elite Life Planner to Unit Manager in just 3 years! Joining EPL (Elite Premier Leader) will get extra RM 5,000 per month on top of your monthly payout rewards! Provided training and monitoring system to guide you to your desire position!

he Best Career Academy ever…
with Greatest Bonus in the Town! 

Great Team Support & Award Winning Agency!

Prime Business Group (PBG) has more than 40 years experience in insurance industry. Our PBG have more than 100 awards for the past years, and 9 consecutive champion as district group. We also the ONE and ONLY appointed as Business Director Group for AIA Cambodia and AIA Myanmar in Sales and Recruiting.

We have trained more than 30 MDRTs in our Group internationally, and our well built system will coach you along the way.  PBG has more than 50 Elites internationally. PBG is leading by Mr Yap Boon Lee & Mr Yap Chay Teng.

CK Partners is 1 of the best performing agency that with 2 MDRTs as leaders and trained more than 5 Elites agent. Team leaded by Keith Tew, who has 4 years consecutive MDRT Qualification (Million Dollar Round Table) and Court of the Table (COT), Champion of New Unit Manager Group Sales in Northern Region ,Champion in recruiting & Top Sales in northern region (2nd Runner up). He is also well experience with Sales and Coaching.

he Best Career Academy ever…
with Greatest Bonus in the Town! 

PBG District Director - Mr Yap Boon Lee

100% Result Guaranteed!

PBG has the well built system that keep improving more than 40 years. Elites just need to 100% follow the system, the result is guaranteed! Our well support is 24 hours and 7 days, 1 to 1 couching & Case Study, Joint Field Work and every week will provide training! 

We have various of business tool such as WhatsApp Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Online Insurance Application, Sales Booth, Company leads and etc! There are no way that you unable to achieve something in PBG! 

Our leaders commitment is very strong and always work further more than others. Feel free to come and visit our site and you will know why we said 100% guaranteed! 

he Best Career Academy ever…
with Greatest Bonus in the Town! 

Testimonial from our CK Elites

"Best Decision i have made!"

Truly, the decision to participate in Elite Academy is the best. With better income, closely monitored by leader who always carry my hand whenever needed, drive me to be somebody that i don't even believe i will be now. Elite is the best platform for me to fly!

-Hafiza Hassan, Ex-Banker (8 Years in Banking)-

"MDRT in 1st Year"
"Best Performer of Elite Academy"
"5 Figure income in 1 month"
"ANP 200,000 in 2 months"
"Consecutive 2 months No. 1 Elite Performer"
"Star Convention Qualifier in 60 days"

"Helpful System"

Sometimes in life, a sudden situation, in a moment of time can alters your whole life forever. This is what happens to me personally when I participate in Elite Academy. All of the training provided with the proven system really help me a lot to kick start my career.

P/S : The earning is really worth of your effort.

-Nabil Zainol, Ex-Customer Service & Business Owner-

"Digital Marketing Expert"
"Top Agent in Agency"
"Convention Qualifier"

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Age 25-35
2 Years Working Experience

RM 3,000 Basic Bonus Provided + Commission + Bonus + etc

Elite Pro

Age 25-45
3 Years Working Experience
Eligible to join EPL
(Elite Premier Leader)

RM 9,000 Basic Bonus Provided + RM5,000 (EPL Basic Bonus) + Commission + Bonus + etc

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